Apply to the Incubator

Passionate about starting a business and building products? Already started or planning to take the first step? Not getting support from the established incubators? We know, there are lot of unknowns and ambiguity you are dealing with at this stage. We are here to support you in your endeavor of starting your own.

What we can help you with?

  • Define the MVP (minimum viable product)

  • Building a product prototype

  • Getting initial customer insights

  • Defining and getting clarity on the business case, revenue model

  • Legal aspects and IP related issues

  • Seed funds

Please see below and select the form depending on what stage you are in :

I. Idea stage?

You have been thinking about an Idea for quite some time. You feel very passionate about it and foresee a business case there. Now, you are stuck with questions related to – what should be the first step, prototyping, funding, revenue model, customer needs, legality etc. Apply

II. Already started working on your idea full time?

Already taken a plunge? Built a product to some extent. Need specific help or not sure where to go from here on. The established incubators and angels are telling that it won’t work or that you are too early, but your gut says that you can do it. Apply