Business Incubator

There is negligible support for startups and entrepreneurs in early stages. The existing ecosystem works for you only when you cross a certain threshold. This threshold is even higher in India as compared to the developed countries – marked by requirements of past entrepreneurial experience, strong team, existing customer base etc. We aim to support entrepreneurs and innovators by bringing the right kind of help at an early stage.


What is IotaCell Business Incubator?

It’s an initiative to nurture startups and product ideas from an early stage. We strive to help people who are passionate about entrepreneurship and want to start their own ventures, by providing the right set of skills, mentorship and funding.

What is the difference between IotaCell and other Incubators?

  • We focus on student entrepreneurs

  • We also provide support to product ideas which are disruptive but have no or loosely defined business case

  • We work with early stage entrepreneurs and startups, for which very less support is available in our country

To be precise, instead of accelerating or scaling a mature idea, we help people convert their dreams of starting their own business, by bringing the required support from an early stage of development.

What do you mean by early stage?

Early stage for an entrepreneur or startup means :

  • You want to be an entrepreneur, but lack exposure to technologies and businesses

  • You are having an idea and feel very passionate about it, but don’t know what should be the first step

  • You are working on an idea, have achieved certain milestones, but still finding it difficult to get support from the current ecosystem

Why do you focus on early stage ideas and students?

  • There is minimal support for early stage startups in India, in terms of seed capital and mentoring

  • Students have certain advantages for starting up – lot of free time(relatively), scope of experimentation, team formation is easy and very low opportunity cost. We believe in building Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google out of Indian colleges

  • In India, this segment (support for early stage ideas) is expected to see a rise – from both entrepreneurs and the ecosystem. We proudly say that we are inspired by Y Combinator!

What do you mean by support?

Support means providing mentorship (both high level and deep engagement – on engineering and business matters), seed fund (to support prototype development and to cover sustenance cost) and relevant technical and business skills, to help you execute things and also to come up with innovative ideas for existing problems.

How can I submit my idea?

Visit Apply page.

What happens when I submit an idea?

Our expert panel goes through the details, we may have telephonic discussions a few times to sync up and then we provide online feedback. We schedule a 1×1 meeting with you, if need be. We advise you about the next step and help you achieve the same through mentorship.

What kind of ideas IotaCell is interested in?

We are interested in technology and tech-enabled product and business ideas, which have a high growth potential. We give preference to product ideas but you are welcome to bring any case, as long as you feel passionate about it and see a business around.

Which all business and technology areas do you focus on?

  • E-Commerce

  • Mobile Applications

  • Automobile

  • Real-Estate

  • Entertainment

  • Gaming

  • Travel

  • Healthcare

  • Renewable Energy

  • Embedded / Electronics Hardware

  • Internet of Things(IoT)

  • Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Are all ideas incubated?

No! We select certain ideas for incubation. The selection criteria is based on parameters like potential of the idea, alignment with our interest and the entrepreneur himself. Nevertheless, we provide insights and pointers on rejected ideas to help the entrepreneur improve.

Do you provide a physical space also?

We invite some start-ups to work out of our space, but primarily we work in a virtual mode. The startups need not work out of our space and we meet only when needed.

What do you take in return?

We take equity or consulting fee or a mix of both in return. To be precise, it depends on case-to-case basis and how much value we are really able to add to your venture.

How can this incubator help me if I don’t have any idea?

We conduct various programs, aimed at idea generation and to teach product building and business skills to budding and aspiring entrepreneurs. Visit Learning section to know more about it.